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In Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 20 ("Free Fall"), Aria (Lucy Hale) learned that while Ezra (Ian Harding)  might not be "A", he is a creepy journalist who has been using her and her friends to gather info for a true crime book he's writing about Ali. But does his book have info the Liars — or viewers — could use?

We were only given a glimpse of the pages he wrote, but we've taken a closer look at that moment and transcribed what he said. You can see the screenshot above, and here's what we can read:

The first thing Alison ever told me about herself was a lie. Lying was her oxygen. She could do it while she was laughing; she could even do it when she was kissing you.

That's what's remarkable about lies. How they can fool you, what they'll become. Where they can take you. It all starts with one. No matter how simple, no matter how grand, a truly great lie can live on long after you're gone. Surprising even its architect with the places it can climb — deep into our hearts, twisting into our souls. The fantastical places it can take us, high above this world, far into another. Before ultimately crashing... of the fire scorching anyone left in the way.

We presume that the "first thing" line refers to Ali's age, which we know she lied to Ezra about. The rest of this section doesn't seem to give us any real info, but Ezra's reflections on lies is interesting. We're interested in the line about how a lie can surprise "even its architect with the places it can climb." Is this a reference to the fact that Ali's lies got out of her control, or is Ezra, perhaps, thinking about how the relationship he started with Aria, which was also based on a lie, has gone directions he never expected?

Also, what about this line: "The fantastical places it can take us, high above this world, far into another"? Just a flowery metaphor, or is this linked to something more concrete? "Fantastical places" makes us think of Ravenswood, while talking about being "high above the world" conjurers up an image of Ali flying a plane...

Let us know what you make of this section of Ezra's writing in the comments below!

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