Credit: Instagram Photo: Pretty Little Liars on Good Morning America in New York City on March 18, 2014

Pretty Little Liars fans everywhere have their DVRs set and popcorn prepped for tonight's Season 4 finale. We all want answers and according to the showrunners and the Little Liars themselves, we'll be getting plenty of them tonight. Getting pumped yet?

During an appearance on Good Morning America in New York City today (March 18), the PLL actresses dished all about tonight's finale and upcoming plots. Will Aria and Ezra reconcile next season? Lucy has no idea yet! The girls won't really know what happens until they start filming Season 5 next week. But, as per usual in Rosewood, "Anything's possible," Lucy says.

GMA host Robin Roberts also did a fun lightning round, where she asked the girls questions sent from fans on Twitter. Who's the biggest prankster on set? You guessed it — "Ashley!" the girls said in unison. Who spends the most time in hair and makeup. Ashley thinks it's Shay!

Check out the clip below to see your favorite gals chatting about tonight's episode and more. Are ready for the big finale? Sound off in the comments!