There are a lot of things that make Pretty Little Liars great. The mystery. The romance. The friendships. The tears. It's all important, and it's all brought together by the show's spot-on song selection. Every week, the music sets the perfect tone.

Plus, the songs the show uses are great on their own, too. In fact, almost every week we find a new song or three to listen to on repeat thanks to Pretty Little Liars. We know we're not the only ones obsessed with this soundtrack, so we've gathered all of the most memorable music from Season 5, Episode 7 (“The Silence of E. Lamb”) right here so you can listen on repeat.

Artist: Hellogoodbye
Song: "(Everything Is) Debatable"
Scene: Sydney and Hanna talk at the Brew.

Artist: Mikky Ekko
Song: "Pull Me Down"
Scene: Hanna and Caleb talk, and then finally kiss!

Artist: Bear Driver
Song: "No Time to Speak"
Scene: Hanna and Sydney talk

Artist: Amy Stroup
Song: "Versailles"
Scene: Emily calls Paige.

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