Credit: ABC Family

The news we’ve been dreading all summer has finally been confirmed: Twisted has been cancelled — and now we’ll never know who got shot in the Season 1 finale!

According to The Wrap, ABC Family has opted to cancel Twisted after just one season, and while this news isn’t particularly surprising — the network had been strangely mum on the fate of the series — it’s still upsetting because we think Twisted finally found its footing in those final episodes. Not to mention it left us with a lot of unanswered questions. Why did Vikram have Regina killed? Did Whitney really have feelings for Lacey? Who was Danny’s soulmate — Lacey or Jo? And who, if anyone, got shot?! Sigh. It looks like we’ll never know.

Credit: ABC Family

At least Twisted fans can rest easy knowing that series star Avan Jogia appreciates all of the support. The soulful 22-year-old tweeted a response to the cancellation news on Wednesday: “Got a break in shooting and just hearing the news myself that Twisted has been officially canceled. Thanks for sticking with us through this long process of awaiting its fate and want to thank everyone who invested their time in the show.”

He added: “We had an unbelievably memorable time making it. Much love to our wonderful cast and crew and to you the viewers who showed us such amazing support.”

While we’re sad we’re not going to get another season with Danny Desai, we know it’s only a matter of time before Avan is back on our TV screens.

There is good news, though, if you’re a fan of another ABC Family show: Switched at Birth was officially renewed for Season 4! And if you’re really hoping for another season of Twisted, don’t lose hope — there’s already a fan campaign for another network to pick up the show. Hey, it worked for Veronica Mars!