The penultimate summer episode of Pretty Little Liars was one of our favorites of the season. This probably had something to do with all of the OMG moments packed into the episode. Season 5, Episode 11 (“No One Here Can Love Or Understand Me”) brought its A game in both character and plot developments, culminating in some major moments. Here were our five favorites.

Melissa's confession. It's hard to talk about this episode without mentioning Melissa's big video reveal: she accidentally buried Bethany Young alive because she thought Bethany was Ali and that Spencer had killed her. This information took us a few moments to process, and was a bit predictable, but the big reveal was worth it for the emotional performances both Torrey DeVitto and Troian Bellisario put in. Their sisterly relationship has always been fraught with tension, but – when it comes down to it – they really love one another.

Tanner's interrogation. We're not sure what crazy theories Tanner has cooking in that brilliant detective brain of hers, but they can't be any crazier than the reality of what's going down in Rosewood. When Tanner cornered the Liars while they were eating out, the situation was precarious enough. Them, she straight-up asked them who they think killed Bethany Young, strongly insinuating that she thinks they did it. Yikes!

A Ouija goodbye. We're not sure how we feel about PLL importing some of Ravenswood's supernatural tone, but we have to admit we got a chill down our spines when Caleb's Ouija board (why does he have a Ouija board?) moved on its own to point out the word “goodbye.” Given the amount of fireflies, we think the show seemed to be hinting that Caleb is still in danger, but we're more worried about Melissa. Was her video confessional goodbye to Spencer her last?

Bathroom heart-to-heart. Almost more revolutionary than confessions of inadvertent murder is Mona and Aria getting along, but the show managed to pull it off in this episode in a true OMG moment. When Aria mean-girls Mona to tears during a Montgomery family (plus Mona) outing, Mona opens up about her fear of Alison and her simple motivation to protect herself. We're not sure if we're buying it, but this scene was something special (and shocking).

A Liar will confess. Who's breaking the vow of secrecy?! This is our biggest question moving into the summer finale. In one of the final scenes of the episode, Tanner informs Byron that one of the Liars is ready to tell her everything the next day. We doubt it's one of the core four, as Tanner was so smugly implying, but that doesn't mean this isn't major news.

What do you think was the biggest OMG moments from last night's episode? Sound off in the comments below!

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