Pretty Little Liars asks us to suspend disbelief on a regular basis and we embrace it – to a point. But the show occasionally asks too much of us. Sometimes, its logic totally fails. Here are the most grievous of logic lapses from Season 5, Episode 11 (“No One Here Can Love or Understand Me”).

Melissa's video confession. PLL made a big deal of trying to sell to us the idea that Melissa recorded a video confession because she just couldn't face telling the Spencer the truth in person. We didn't buy it. Not only is Melissa fearless, but she's smart, a survivor, and has two lawyers for parents. No way would she put irrefutable evidence into the world for her future manslaughter trial.

Spencer doesn't destroy the DVD. Yep, we're still on that darned DVD. Even if Melissa did have an unprecedented momentary lapse in cunning in making that video confession, wouldn't Spencer destroy it more or less immediately? This is a girl who recently discovered that her super secret under-the-cushion hiding spot has been compromised.

Ouija moves. Seeing the Ouija board move of its own volition was a nice nod to the supernatural qualities of Ravenswood, but it just felt out of place on PLL. This moment was perhaps the most traditional logic fail of all time.

Why did Melissa mail the DVD? You thought we were over the DVD, didn't you? Never! This point is a small nitpick, but it felt super contrived that – instead of just leaving the DVD in the house for Spencer to find – Melissa took it with her to the airport and mailed it from there. Considering Melissa had filmed it at the house, this didn't make much sense. Extra contrivance points, though. Because while Melissa didn't leave behind the DVD, she did leave behind a note for Spencer letting her know she would know the truth soon.

Television store. What small town has a store seemingly entirely devoted to selling TVs? If these sorts of small scale electronics stores still exist, you'd at least think they'd be peddling flat screens. Get with the times, Rosewood!

Cadet Toby. We're all for any storyline that gets Toby into uniform, but it's nigh laughable that Toby decided to be a cop, like, two seconds ago and is already discussing his imminent rank with Spencer. Doesn't this town have a hiring process? Doesn't it take a lot of work to become a police officer? Then again, we've seen the cops on this show. This lax hiring process would explain a lot.

What logic fails did you find in Season 5, Episode 11? Sound off in the comments below!

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