Hanna woke up, rubbed her sleepy eyes in front of the closet and thought, “Where are my going-out clothes? I think I’ll head to the club again after school today.” OK, at least we think that’s what went down in Hanna’s crazy, mixed-up head. We can only assume as much when looking at Hanna’s outfit selection. Who wears a miniskirt and studded pumps to school? Don’t get us wrong, she looks great — but only if it’s a Friday night and she’s dropping it like it’s hot on the dance floor. Only emulate Hanna’s outfit under one condition: Don’t wear this ensemble before 10 p.m.
1. Blue silk chain top, Kitson, $75. 2. Elastic waist pencil miniskirt, Arden B., $39. 3. Studded black pumps, Steve Madden, $99.95. 4. Lauren by Ralph Lauren triple drop earrings, Nordstrom, $26.