Credit: Adam Rose/ABC Family Channel © 2010 Disney ABC Television Group Photo: Hanna's Cast in Season 1, Episode 11

We did a bit of a double take when the girls stopped to see Hanna in the latest episode of Pretty Little Liars, not because of the ominous message left on Hanna’s cast, but because of Spencer’s outfit. Although she keeps it decidedly Spencer-esque with a sharp blazer and untreated denim, the patterned crop top and earthy color scheme is all Aria. We love all the girls’ unique style, so when we see a unique melding of more than one influence, we fall head over heels. Check out how we recreated this Aria-meets-Spencer look without breaking the bank.

Get Spencer’s Aria-infused look for less:

Start with a fun crop top that has a bit of a tribal vibe. Ikat Ikat Crop Top, $38; Pair it with slim jeans to keep proportions balanced.. BDG Cigarette Jean, $49; ...And toss a blazer on to keep things sharp and structured, just the way Spencer likes it. Halogen Jersey Boyfriend Blazer, $88; Loop a tasseled scarf around the neck a couple of times for a casual layered look. Camel Pashmina, $18; Classic men’s shoes work for gals with a unique touch like a patent leather sheen. Deena and Ozzy Patent Oxford, $38