Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Family Channel © 2010 Disney ABC Television Group Photo: Emily, Hanna, and Aria Get Food on Pretty Little Liars, June 21, 2011

Jason is back on Pretty Little Liars, and something is different about him. That’s right — tonight we get our first look at the angrier (and hairier) Jason, now that the part has been recast. And if we’re comparing the two Jasons solely on their looks, we have this to say: "So long, Old Jason! Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!"

Jason has returned mysteriously to his family’s old place, and the girls see him throwing out a bunch of old stuff. Sure, there are constantly mysteries swirling about his dead sister, but that doesn’t mean the guy can’t get some cleaning done, right?

The girls aren’t too thrilled about not being allowed to hang out with each other. They’re forced to eat separately at the cafeteria, and Emily’s mom has confiscated her phone. Time to bust out the tin cans and string. (Have these girls heard of that? Probably not.)

Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Family Channel © 2010 Disney ABC Television Group Photo: Toby and Spencer Chat on Pretty Little Liars, June 21, 2011

It’s almost Ezra’s last day ever at Rosewood High before he heads off to teach at Hollis, and he wants to meet with Aria to get some closure on where they stand. She reluctantly agrees to meet him at his apartment, but he takes forever to show up, so she leaves him a note saying they're dunzo. May this be a lesson: Punctuality matters, people!

Toby tells Spencer that he’s picked up a construction job to make some cash in order to get the heck out of Dodge. She visits him at the end of his first day (is she a rockin’ girlfriend or what?), but he’s been let go because the home’s owners didn’t want to be associated with him. Talk about harsh!

Melissa shows Spencer the ultrasound of her baby but doesn’t want to talk about Ian’s whereabouts — and the girls still don’t know what to make of that mysterious text message he sent last week. Melissa also doesn’t have good things to say about Jason, whom Spence is planning to visit with a plate of brownies. But maybe Melissa was just jealous that the brownies weren’t for her! (Hormones and everything.)

Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Family Channel © 2010 Disney ABC Television Group Photo: Aria on Pretty Little Liars, June 21, 2011

Emily is having a mixed week. She discovers that her videos of Ian have been deleted from her computer — a definite bummer! — but she and Samara are hitting it off, and a college scout is considering offering Emily a scholarship. Emily’s mom will consider letting Em stay in town if the scout can guarantee the scholarship, but he says he can’t commit to anything just yet. Indecisive — just like a typical man.

Hanna’s week is hit-or-miss, too. She and Mona manage to patch things up (ugh — is she ever gonna toss that bitch to the curb?), but Hanna isn’t thrilled that her now-present dad only shows up to lay down the law. However, he might also be rekindling things with Hanna’s mom, Ashley. Looks like Hanna’s mom is having better romantic luck than Hanna is — talk about adding insult to injury!

And things between the girls and the new-and-improved Jason aren’t off to a great start, either. Spencer brings over the brownies to say hi, but he isn’t in a chatting mood, as he’s upset that Ian didn’t actually tell Spencer that he killed Ali. Or maybe Jason was just hoping she’d bring Rice Krispies treats instead?

Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABC Family Channel © 2010 Disney ABC Television Group Photo: Hanna, Spencer, and Aria in the Cafeteria on Pretty Little Liars, June 21, 2011

After leaving behind tardy Ezra, Aria swings by the Hastings pad, where she notices broken glass. Just then, a mysterious figure races down the stairs and out the door, knocking Aria to the ground. Aria didn’t get a good look at the person (because no one on this show ever gets a good look at anyone!), but she wonders if it might have been Ian, and if he was the one who also broke into Em’s garage for camping gear. Does this town not have an REI or something?

It’s finally Ezra’s last day, and he gives a goodbye speech to the class that’s actually directed to Aria. So she forgives him, and they have a big passionate kiss in the parking lot. Because what’s more romantic than a parking lot?

Finally, Spencer goes home and sees that Melissa’s jacket is wet and the ultrasound photo is in her jacket, even though Melissa claims to not have left, and her car hadn’t been moved. So could Ian be within walking distance of the girls? Gulp. When Spencer tells the girls the news, they spot Jason putting up a fence in his yard. And all we could think was, “Couldn’t he have at least hired poor Toby do install that fence? The poor guy is hard up!”

So we didn’t get concrete answers about Ian, but those seem to be coming in the very near future. Or at least we hope so! (With this show, you never know.) In the meantime, we could use a snack. Anyone want to bring us a plate of brownies? Anyone?