Does anyone else miss Samara (Claire Holt) on Pretty Little Liars? She didn't have the same intense connection with Emily (Shay Mitchell) that Maya (Bianca Lawson) did, but she was fun to have around.

Fortunately, Claire thought it was fun to be around, too. Claire also has a role on The Vampire Diaries, and in this interview with Clevver TV, she compares working on the two hit shows.

"They were both so much fun," she gushed. "The great thing about Pretty Little Liars is it shoot in Los Angeles where my home is, so I got to live at home and wake up in my own bed."

For more from Claire, watch the full interview below.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Claire Holt Compares Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries (VIDEO)

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Source: Clevver TV

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