Emaya fans are still reeling from Maya's (Bianca Lawson) apparent death in the Pretty Little Liars Season 2 finale (Season 2, Episode 25: “UnmAsked”).

While they mourn the loss of Maya, fans can at least take comfort in one thought: According to showrunner Marlene King, Maya and Emily (Shay Mitchell) did, in fact, get as intimate as possible before everything went wrong.

Recently, a fan tweeted at Marlene, "So. Maya is dead is confirmed and no Emaya sex is confirmed. Paige will be her first. Gross. So long."

Marlene replied, "I always thought Emily and maya got together in Spencer's candlelit bedroom. You didn't?" Not to mention that time Maya turned her room into a watery wonderland to comfort Emily...

Perhaps it will also help ease the pain to know that Marlene is sad Maya died, and is determined that Maya's death won't take away from the positive message she is trying to send with Emily's story.

"Emily is still a strong gay presence on tv," she explained, "and I am sure the writers will honor that."

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