Credit: Arden Cho's Twitter Photo: Arden Cho is Pru on PLL

Remember when we told you that a new girl, named Arden Cho, would guest star on Pretty Little Liars? Well she did, but you might have missed her unless you watched very closely. Arden appeared in Episode 20, “Someone to Watch Over Me,” as Pru, one of Paige’s (Lindsey Shaw) teammates, who encouraged her to go out with Sean (Chuck Hittinger). Watch Pru in the scene below complimenting Paige for landing such a hottie!


Credit: YouTube Photo: Arden Chou on Pretty Little Liars

Arden had a small one episode spot, but we’d gladly take it if it meant getting to act on our favorite show. Plus, she got her own trailer and had her hair and make up done! Oh, the life of a PLL star...


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