Now that Spencer and Alex have broken up, we’re not sure if Diego Boneta will appear on Pretty Little Liars ever again. Seriously, his credits for PLL on IMDB end with "Salt Meets Wound," which was this week's episode. If "A" hadn't submitted his tennis program application without Spencer knowing, we might have had more time to get to know Alex. Ugh!

Normally, we'd say that anything can happen on PLL and old flames and frenemies could resurface at any time, but Alex doesn’t go to school with the little liars and his main purpose is to act alongside Spencer, so if they aren’t dating, his career on PLL is kaput. Here's hoping for an awkward country club run-in sometime down the line...

We'll miss you, Alex, and your pretty red mustang, too:

Credit: Twitter Photo: Diego Boneta as Alex on Pretty Little Liars