Credit: Photo © 2010 ABC Family Channel Photo: Aria Contemplates tin Season 1, Episode 5, "Reality Bites Me"

Can’t get enough of Aria’s eclectic style? Wait until you see her gorgeous bedroom, which appropriately has a chic and vintage vibe. Aria’s décor is mature and original, just like her personal style. Would you expect anything less from this sophisticated little liar?

We rounded up items to help you create an Aria-inspired room:

Ruffled curtains
Aria’s ruffled tier curtains give her room a romantic feel. Get ones like hers in a muted color at Urban Outfitters.

Tons of pillows
Her day bed and window seat are covered with pillows in purples, pinks and browns. They add elegance to her room and contrast her muted color schemes. Shop ones like this from Etsy.

Think Aria would have bright painted walls? Think again. She’s the most mature of the little liars, so it’s only fitting that she has abstract printed wallpaper. Any bronze pattern will do such as this one from Anthropologie.

Complete your Aria-esque room with mirrors, books and wooden furniture. Don't forget ornate details, soft lighting, and one-of-a-kind items!

Source: SmallScreenScoop