We can always count on Ashley Benson for fashion ideas, as her character Hanna Marin on Pretty Little Liars is seen sporting some seriously cute outfits.
When it comes to body art, we know co-star Lucy Hale is secretive about her own tattoo, but what about Ashley? Does she have any tattoos of her own?

You may remember a photo from 2011 of Ashley getting “inked” - only it wasn’t real! The “tattoo” of a rose with the number “3” painted behind her ear was a fake, done on the set of PLL.

Ash also tweeted a cryptic photo without a comment other than a heart symbol, showing off what appears to be an ankle tattoo of the word “love.” Is it her way of showing the world her tattoo? Like co-star Lucy, she sure is mysterious when it comes to the subject.

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