Between coming out about her sexuality and standing up to her mom, it’s no surprise that Emily Fields was named one of Rolling Stone magazine's 15 Groundbreaking Gay Roles on TV. Emily has faced a lot of difficulty in dealing with her sexuality, including an unrequited love with her best friend Alison, her mom’s disapproval and disgust, and being separated from Maya while she’s in juvie. However, through it all, Emily’s been a role model for gay teens.

Emily will face more trouble, including being bullied by Paige McCullers and having her secret spread around school, but we hope she’ll stay strong and go to her best friends for support.

Shay Mitchell is proud to play Emily and says, “I hope [Emily’s struggle] makes it easier for people to be more comfortable with who they really are." Congrats to Shay for receiving this honor and we can't wait to see Emily continue to grow.

Source: Rolling Stone


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