Credit: ABC Family Channel © 2010 Disney ABC Television Group Photo: Looking Shocked in Season 1, Episode 8,

We were starting to wonder if Pretty Little Liars would ever come out on DVD, especially after the release of the PLL soundtrack this week. But good news PLL fans, the entire first season will be available June 7, 2011!

According to a press release on, the boxed set will contain all 22 episodes, plus bonus features. Watch the cast play two truths and a lie, get access to deleted scenes, and discover more about the making of PLL and secrets from the set.
Besides being able to relive your favorite PLL moments, having the DVD set is essential to figuring out who “A” is. Watching the episodes with a new perspective and pausing whenever necessary will help you piece together the clues before the second season starts this summer.

We can’t wait to get the DVD, but in the meantime, watch the PLL marathon this Monday on ABC Family!


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