Credit: Adriana M. Barraza / Photo: Lucy Hale at the 22nd Annual GLAAD Media Awards on April 10, 2011

Lucy Hale (Aria) can’t escape “A”! She deals with him or her all day at work and even gets strange text messages when she’s not on set. OMG, could the real “A” be stalking her?

Nah, it’s just a joke, although Lucy’s friends like to pretend it’s real. Lucy told, “some of my friends will text me something and then minutes later will be like, ‘From A.’” We’ll admit, it would be funny at first, but Lucy explains, “it gets a little old.”

Those texts are clearly fake, but Lucy had a real stalker who sounds just as bad as "A." Lucy explained,“someone from the L.A. County Jail kept calling like, dozens of times and of course I didn’t pick up, it just kept going to voicemail. The operator would say ‘an inmate from the L.A. County Jail is trying to get in touch with you.’ It could have easily been the wrong number but I felt like maybe they had seen something I was on and…I don’t know how they got my number at all so that was kind of creepy.”

Hmm, sounds weird. Why would someone use their calling privileges to track down Lucy? It might have been her friends playing a really good joke, but whoever it was definitely scared her!