Credit: Photo via Brant Daugherty's Facebook Photo: Brant Daugherty In Style

Noel Kahn is one of the most sought after guys at Rosewood High, but in real life Brant Daugherty is surprisingly single. Yup that’s right, Brant recently told the University of Southern California’s talk show, Trojan Vision, that he’s available! Cue the smiles across millions of girls’ faces.

In case you’re wondering Brant’s type, he likes girls like Lucy Hale who are outgoing and sweet. Brant told Popstar! that “it’s impossible not to light up when you see that girl [Lucy], she’s incredible.” He adds, "especially the scenes when we're flirting with one another, she makes it really simple for me."

But fortunately for us, Lucy is taken so there's still a possibility of dating Brant. If you're wondering how to be his girlfriend, he joked with Trojan Vision that all you have to do is talk to him. But if you really want to impress him, here's a tip. Brant told Hollywire that his dream date would be “a night in with pizza and a movie. And good conversation." How adorable?

We really want this pretty little hottie as our Valentine!

Sources: Trojan Vision, Popstar!, Hollywire

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