Credit: ABC Family Channel © 2010 Disney ABC Television Group Photo: Jenna and Toby Creep Home in Season 1, Episode 6, "There's No Place Like Homecoming"

So we’ll admit it, the possibility of Jenna lying about her vision has definitely crossed our minds. We know she had a terrible accident (thanks to the little liars), but we’re not sure the firecracker made her blind. We have no idea why she'd lie about something so drastic, but we think it's possible because not everything adds up.

1. Jenna walked in on Aria and Ezra holding hands in his classroom and even though Aria didn’t make a sound, Jenna sensed they were up to something. Maybe because she isn’t as in the dark as she seems.

Credit: Photo © 2010 ABC Family Channel Photo: Jenna's Elevator Makeover in Season 1, Episode 5,

2. We’ve also seen her looking at her reflection in an elevator and applying jungle red lipstick, which ironically was the same shade used on Spencer’s mirror. Maybe the color of the message was a coincidence, but we’re thinking Jenna isn’t actually blind and she was the one who broke into Spencer’s house.

3. Although Showrunner Marlene King won’t reveal the answer, she hinted to the NYPost that it’s possible. “I think that’s a fairly popular theory [Jenna not being blind]. I will tell you that in the finale there is a very big Jenna surprise. I love that character …" It’s not a solid answer, but something strange is definitely going on with Jenna.

Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/ Getty Images Photo: Tammin Sursok as Jenna Marshall

But why would Jenna go through so much trouble just to pretend she’s blind? Tammin Sursok’s gorgeous green eyes are always hidden behind glasses, she uses a cane in almost every scene, and she even has a seeing eye dog. Jenna also spent time at a school for the blind in Pennsylvania and we doubt you could fake it there. But then again, she may just be a pretty good little liar.

Source: NYPost