Is Pretty Little Liars ending after Season 4? After the recent (and awesome) announcement that the show is getting a spin-off called Ravenswood starting in October 2013, fans immediately started speculating that this was a sign that Pretty Little Liars would be cancelled after Season 4.

Worry not, Pretty Little Liars fans! ABC Family has already renewed PLL for Season 5 — and filming for Season 4 has only just begun! That shows that they have a lot of faith in this little show.

Of course, the show's fate after Season 5 is still anyone's guess, but that's fine by us. If ABC Family keeps the same schedule for the show that it's always had, having Season 4 and 5 will mean we get two more years of summer and winter seasons. That's a lot of lying. Plus, there's Ravenswood to enjoy.

Because time moves very slowly in Pretty Little Liars world, the Liars should be finishing up high school right around Season 5, anyway. So, no matter what, we can be pretty confident that we'll see our girls don caps and gowns — assuming they survive the experience!

Rebecca Martin is an editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter @BeccaDMartin.