Credit: Michael Buckner/ Getty Images Photo: Keegan Allen at Nintendo's Wii U Experience Event in LA on September 20, 2012 - Getty Images

It's a pivotal day in the Pretty Little Liars world — the day Keegan Allen (Toby Cavanaugh) shocked us with his extremely furry cheeks.

The handsome actor, who usually sports a smooth, hairless face, was seen at Nintendo's Wii U Experience event in LA yesterday (September 20), with a full-grown beard.

After all, the Keegster is wearing a Mario hat, so maybe he was just trying to get into character for the Nintendo event. But then again, Pretty Little Liars is currently filming, so does that mean he will have facial hair on the show? Time will tell!

Either way, we want your opinion, dear fans. Are you loving Keegan's new rugged look, or do you wish he'd invest in a razor ASAP? Let us know in the reaction buttons below.  

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