Credit: Ron Tom/ABC Family Channel © 2010 Disney ABC Television Group Photo: Paige and Emily's Rivalry on Pretty Little Liars, January 24, 2011

We knew Shay Mitchell was sweet, but wait until you hear Lindsey Shaw's glowing praise of her. Lindsey feels extremely fortunate to have gotten so close to Shay, and said acting alongside her was an amazing experience.

Lindsey told, “I am so in awe of how gorgeous she is on the outside, and how truthful and good and pure she is on the inside. It was something I wasn't expecting, and it was the most wonderful surprise in the world. We were playing something very intimate, and it got easier and easier because we had this mutual respect for one another.”

Lindsey even told Shay, "I thought you were probably going to just be another pretty girl, but knowing you has enriched my life. Just knowing you, personally, and knowing you exist in the universe." What a compliment! Shay must feel so honored by Lindsey's words.

But, brace yourselves Paige/Emily fans because it sounds like Lindsey won't be acting with Shay anymore. We know she'll be busy with her new movie, but we hope she'll return to Pretty Little Liars sometime during season 2.



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