Congrats, Lucy! When we caught up with Lucy a few days ago and she spilled that she'd be starring in an ABC Family movie along the lines of A Cinderella Story, like Hilary Duff and Selena Gomez, we didn't think she meant A Cinderella Story 3! But she did. Filming begins in February while the PLL stars have some time off from filming the show.

Lucy told us that she will play a character who is a singer "who can't really expose that she loves music." Sounds like the perfect way for Lucy to blend her love for acting with her love for singing!

Good news for all you budding singers and dancers out there: casting is still going on for male and female talents who are above 18 years old and can play 17-year-olds. Check out the ABC Family Auditions page for more info!

Considering they've already done A Cinderella Story and Another Cinderella Story, could Lucy's version be called Yet Another Cinderella Story? We know it will be the best one yet!



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