Credit: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Photo: Tilky Montgomery Jones Joins Pretty Little Liars

Remember months ago when we asked you to make one of the most important decisions in television history? That's right — in case you missed it, you had the opportunity to name the new guy on Pretty Little Liars. Well, the votes have been cast and the audition process has come to a close. And the winner is... Logan Reed played by Tilky Montgomery Jones! The name Logan beat out Gabriel and Dylan, but enough about his name, let's get to the real excitement.

Logan will appear in the March finale titled “Monster in the End” and he’s supposed to stir up trouble, obviously, because what else would one do in Rosewood? He will "take the girls by surprise," but we're not sure how he'll be related to the other characters. Will he be the new kid at school? Will he be friends with Caleb or Toby? Did he used to know Alison? Whatever his role is, we know it will be an awesome PLL finale and that he'll return for the second season of the show.

Oh, and the best part about Tilky (other than his name), is that he is a swoon-worthy guitar player. Warning: don't let his musical charms fool you. Although Tilky gives Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars a run for their money with his version of "Billionaire," Noel Kahn also won us over with his sweet sounds and now he might be "A." Don't count on Tilky singing on PLL, but note to self: musicians in Rosewood are always dangerous.

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Source: Zap2it

Credit: YouTube Photo: Tilky Montgomery Jones Plays Guitar, Also Acts on PLL