Credit: Adam Rose/ABC Family Channel © 2010 Disney ABC Television Group Photo: Alison in Season 1, Episode 11

What would scandalous secrets and torrid murder mysteries be without a rockin' soundtrack to set the mood for Pretty Little Liars? Get down to the songs that were featured in Season 1, Episode 11, "Moments Later" and channel all the show's drama through your ears.

Artist: Trent Dabbs
Song: "Stay By Me"
Album: Unreleased
Scene: Pam Fields uses the world's vaguest euphemisms ("She's... confused!") to explain Emily's situation to the itinerant colonel.
Have you lost your place, are you far from safe
I'll meet you where you are, I'll find you in the dark
If you walked away from everything
I'll meet you where you are, I'll meet you where you are.

Artist: Hayley Taylor
Song: "What's Going On"
Album: One Foot In Front of the Other
Scene: Mona has the perfect solution for a hit-and-run: Eye shadow!
I like what you say and what you do
I like the way you follow through
And I know that I should speak up now
Tell you I still got some doubts.