Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney Photo: Hanna and Detective Darren Wilden Chat on the Pretty Little Liars Finale on August 30, 2011

With so many heartwarming, heartbreaking, and heart-stopping moments, Pretty Little Liars Season 2, Episode 12, "Over My Dead Body" had an amazing soundtrack. Check out all the best tunes from the episode here.

Artist: The Wooden Birds
Song: “Too Pretty to Say Please”
Album: Two Matchsticks
Scene: Hanna quizzes Maya about her stint in bad-kid boot-camp.
She’s too pretty to say please
For anything she needs.

Artist: Amy Stroup
Song: “With Wings”
Album: With Wings - Single
Scene: Hanna complains to Emily about her dad’s wedding. (And we don’t blame her!)
I look to you when I see nothing
I look to you to see truth
And I look to you when I feel nothing
And I look to you to be.

Artist: Right the Stars
Song: “Give It All”
Album: Give It All - Single
Scene: Hanna and Caleb have a long-awaited reunion.
I’m up against your open door
You’re on the phone, on the floor
You’re counting stars, you laugh and cry
It’s getting dark, you don’t know why.