Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC Television Group © 2011 Disney Photo: Aria on Pretty Little Liars August 9, 2011

With so many heartwarming, heartbreaking, and heart-stopping moments, you know Pretty Little Liars Season 2, Episode 9 had an amazing soundtrack. Check out all the best tunes from the episode here.

Artist: Lex Land
Song: "Could've Had Me"
Album: Orange Days on Lemon Street
Scene: Aria has an, uh, intense dream about Jason.
Yeah, if you wanted me, you could've had me, baby,
A long time ago, easier than you know.
You were the sun, or the moon pullin' the tide.
You were the clouds wrappin' 'round my head in the sky.

Artist: Katie Herzig
Song: "I Will Follow"
Album: Apple Tree
Scene: Hanna's mom tells Hanna to call her dad back.
You were in a dream I had
Doing dishes at the laundry mat
And then you smiled at me
You said lets hide and seek
I’m gonna count to three
Where did you go.

Artist: Jules Larson
Song: "I Want It All"
Album: I Want It All — Single
Scene: Aria and Ezra get hot and heavy in Ezra's office.
I want it all,
And I'm standing tall,
So don't make me crawl,
I just want you (x6)
Want it all!

Artist: Phil Ogden Band
Song: "Style"
Album: Style — Single
Scene: Emily charms Samara's friends over poker.
Cover me in your bright lights
Drop me in to your night life
Original, that's for sure
Dare I say, beautiful.

Artist: Foreign Slippers
Song: "What Are You Waiting For"
Album: Farewell to the Old Ghosts
Scene: After spending the night with Ezra, Aria dreams about Jason again.
I'll be your backup
If you need to.
What are you waiting for
You can't hold it back anymore.