In Rosewood, it's all about who you know, where you've been, and who you're wearing. Read below to see the list of names and brands dropped in the premiere episode of Pretty Little Liars.

Hanna: Can I see the Pradas in the front?
Salesboy: I'll have to put some of these back.
Hanna: But they're all maybes.

Hanna: I cannot believe Spencer Hastings actually has time to shop. I mean, you're interning for the mayor, taking classes at Hollis, and redoing the barn. And in your leisure moments you Facebook and tweet.

Ezra: You ok?
Aria: I'm a bit jetlagged. I just got back from Europe.
Ezra: Where in Europe?
Aria: Iceland.
Ezra: I spent some time in Reykjavik. Before I went to Amsterdam.

Wren: I rowed for Oxford.
Spencer: That looks good on a med school app.
Wren: I did it because I loved it.