Credit: Photo © 2010 ABC Family Channel Photo: Aria Gossips in Season 1, Episode 3, "To Kill a Mocking Girl"
We know it’s rough having to wait three more months for Pretty Little Liars to return, but imagine what it’s like for PLL enthusiasts in other countries who are counting down the days until they can catch the first half of Season 1. OMG, that would be almost impossible to handle!

But it’s no surprise that PLL has become a worldwide phenomenon, even if it hasn’t aired everywhere. Who wouldn’t love the little liars? Lucky for fans in the UK, PLL is coming to Viva this Thursday, October 21.

Even if you’ve seen all the episodes about a thousand times (which we’re guessing you have), we’ve got a treat for you: Viva has an exciting PLL promo, much different from the ones played across the Atlantic. It’s creepy yet captivating, revealing the little liars’ darkest secrets. Only “A” could be responsible for this eerie sneak peek. Warning: it’ll give you the chills!

Source: Twitter