Credit: ABC Family/The CW

It’s a truth universally acknowledged, that a fictional teenage girl going through a rebellious stage, must experiment with hair dye.

Exhibit A: Aria Montgomery (Lucy Hale). Pretty Little Liars carefree spirit sported bright pink streaks prior to Ali’s disappearance in Season 1. We thought they were cool; Emily’s mom called her a goth.

Exhibit B: Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev). Now that Vampire Diaries heroine Elena has shut off her humanity (thanks, Damon), she’s found herself a new happy place one void of all emotion. Not only is Elena 2.0 more brutally honest, but her newfound sassiness also comes with a new ‘do. Taking a page out of Aria’s journal, Elena decides to spice up her life with daring new fashions (bye-bye boring Henleys) and yep, pink streaks.

Lucy and Nina are both super talented, but which actress looks better with rebellious pink streaks? Sound off in our poll below!

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