Credit: Photo © 2010 ABC Family Channel Photo: Jenna's Elevator Makeover in Season 1, Episode 5,

We knew the little liars hated Jenna, but they’re taking their anger to a whole new level on March 7's Episode 20, “Someone to Watch Over Me.” In the preview, we see Hanna smack Jenna across the face. Normally we’d think Hanna was crazy for doing this, but Jenna had it coming. She paid Caleb to sleep with Hanna and she’s been plotting against the little liars. Someone needed to stop her!

The preview also shows Jenna’s glasses flying onto the ground. We’re dying to see what’s behind those giant frames and if Jenna is actually blind.

How do you think Jenna will react to this? And will Hanna get in trouble for hitting her? There are so many questions! If only next Monday wasn’t so far away…

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Credit: ABC Family Channel © Disney ABC Television Group Photo: Pretty Little Liars Preview: Season 1, Episode 20