Credit: Kevin Winter/ Getty Images Photo: Ryan Merriman as Ian Thomas

Ian Thomas (Ryan Merriman) may be manipulative and menacing on Pretty Little Liars, but that’s the opposite of the character Ryan plays in the movie The 5th Quarter. Ryan is the star in this indie football film and plays an inspiring athlete and loving brother/son who gets his family through hardship.

Ryan plays a college student named Jon Abbate who is devastated when his 15-year-old brother Luke dies in a car accident. After struggling to accept Luke’s death, Jon decides to honor his brother by taking his number and leading the Wake Forest football team to the most successful season in history. The 5th Quarter is based on a true story of the school's win during the 2006 Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) and how Jon is the hero who gives his family something to believe in. If only Ian was this good a guy on PLL.

The film has been out for a while, but you won't want to miss Ryan on the big screen.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch! Ryan Merriman in The 5th Quarter