We’re not sure what to make of Pretty Little Liars Ashley Benson’s (Hanna) upcoming movie, Spring Breakers. Adding to the confusion is this photo of Ash along with co-stars Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, and James Franco, taken while filming in Florida.

Nope, that is not Kevin Federline circa 2005 in the driver’s seat. That is one Mr. James Franco, actor/chameleon extraordinaire, playing some sort of guy-about-spring-break in the movie.

We already know Ashley has been filming scenes where she robs a diner, poses with drug dealers, and smokes pot. So James’ character could be, well, a fellow robber, a drug dealer, or just a pothead that cruises around whatever fictional spring break destination this colorful movie takes place in.

Can’t wait!

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Source: Selena Gomez’s Instagram

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