We loved watching Aria Montgomery interact with her secretive little brother Mike (Cody Allen Christian) throughout Seasons 1 and 2, but we can’t help but wonder: where the heck has he been?
This season, we’ve heard a few sporadic mentions of him, but he’s nowhere to be seen!. Seriously, what gives? Even Lucy Hale is concerned!
She recently (and hilariously) tweeted: “Seriously though...where is mike Montgomery? Have we hidden him in the basement? All boy boarding school? Realized rosewood was too crazy?”
We feel you, girl. Not only do we need more of him for continuity’s sake, but we wouldn’t mind seeing more Montgomery sibling moments. With all of the secrets she’s been hiding, Aria could really use a confidant right now.
Do you think the writers will ever pull him out of the basement they’ve been hiding him in?

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