Pretty Little Liars showrunner Marlene King has said that the Liars won’t be going off to college anytime soon. Spencer (Troian Bellisario), Aria (Lucy Hale), Hanna (Ashley Benson), and Emily (Shay Mitchell) will be stuck in Rosewood High for at least another season, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t already be thinking about where they want to spend their collegiate careers. The girls usually have their hands pretty full what with their personal team of cyber (and real-life) stalkers, so we thought we’d put a list of suggestions together for them.


Aria is funky and free-spirited, with a dedication to her passions that is admirable. In the very first episode, Aria told Ezra (Ian Harding) that she was thinking about majoring in English. She let him mistakenly believe that meant she was already in college, but that doesn’t mean her intentions weren’t honest! 

Though much has changed in Aria’s life since that first ep, her love for books has stayed the same. In a recent episode, she admitted to Wesley (Gregg Sulkin) that she can’t sleep without reading first. We can’t imagine Aria going to college for anything other than English, but we do think she would want to be somewhere she could explore her interests in photography and art, as well. That’s why we think she’s well-suited for a liberal arts environment, and most likely in a city where she can quench her thirst for culture.

Suggestion: Barnard College


Let’s be honest: Spencer is Ivy-bound. She has the connections, the money, and the grades to make it into one of the country’s most prestigious schools.  And, as a Hastings, Spencer has extremely high expectations for herself. She is smart, well-rounded, and driven. We have a feeling Spence would succeed in anything she set her mind to, but given her penchant for American history and her desire for justice, we think she would thrive in a political science program. We’re not sure if Spencer would be happy following in her mother’s footsteps as a high-profile defense attorney, but we could see her becoming a public defender. We think Spence is destined to save the world, one injustice at a time, if not as a lawyer, than as a politician or the founder of a global non-profit.   

Suggestion: Yale University


Emily is the only Liar who has had a storyline centered around her college prospects. In Season 2, she receives interest from the fictional Danby University in the form of a potential swim scholarship. We’re sure Danby has a lovely fictional campus, but we’re keeping our suggestions in the real world, so that’s out. If Emily’s serious about this swimming thing, we think she should stick with the top universities for the sport. This narrows it down to a short list. 

Emily’s coming out as a lesbian to her family and friends was an emotionally trying experience. Emily is strong and comfortable with her sexuality; we know she’d be fine wherever she went to college, but there girl has been through so much in high school, we can’t help but want a supportive college environment known for its acceptance of the LGBT community for her.

Suggestion: Stanford University


Hanna is probably the least-motivated of the Liars in terms of her academic career. In a recent episode, she joked that she would skip school for a hangnail, and we don’t think that’s much of an exaggeration. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her own passions or a bright future. Hanna loves fashion and, in a recent episode, was tricked by “A” into thinking she had an interview for an internship with Philly’s most amazing fashion designer. As the opportunity was fake, the internship didn’t pan out, but we still have high hopes for Hanna’s fashion career.

Suggestion: Parson’s, The New School for Design 


We’ve seen it many a time: the characters from our favorite high school shows all decide to go to the local college! It’s all very coincidental. We do have to give PLL credit for introducing their local college in the first season. Aria’s dad and Ezra have both worked at Hollis, and both Spencer and Aria have taken classes there. We’re not sure how realistic it would feel if all of the girls decided to go to Hollis, but at least it would keep them in Rosewood. And graduating from high school doesn’t necessarily mean leaving “A” behind. Who says the Liar’s tormenter will let the girls leave Rosewood once they’ve graduated?

Where do you think the Liars should go to college? Do you want them to stick around at Hollis or do you think they should hightail it out of Rosewood the first chance they get? Let us know your suggestions in the comments below!

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