Credit: ABC Family

Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra's (Ian Harding) relationship has been a central part of Pretty Little Liars since the beginning, but lately we've noticed that some fans have gotten tired of their drama.

Enter Wesley (Gregg Sulkin), Ezra's hot younger brother, who many thought had a bit of a spark with Aria when he showed up last season, and who certainly seems to be getting along with her now that he's back.

Although it remains up to the viewer to decide if Wes and Aria's chemistry is merely friendly or something more, we can't help but sense that there could be something there. However, we have a hard time imagining Aria being with someone else — especially Ezra's brother!

What do you think of this potential love triangle? Are you sticking with Ezria until the end, or do you think Aria/Wesley has potential? Let us know in our poll!


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