Credit: ABC Family Channel © Disney ABC Television Group Photo: Pretty Little Liars Fashion: Aria's Boots

Aria's boots in Season 1, Episode 16 were so cute that Hanna even mentioned them in the episode. And we can see why! If you want this adorbs cowboy-inspired look for yourself, you're in luck. These boots aren't custom made for the show: According to ABC Family they are from Sendra, a Spanish boot company.

Sendra has a ton of cool options, but we think we've tracked down the pair Aria wore: The Debora Camello Boot, which you can get at At $349.99 they're a little pricey, but the beautiful tan color and cool pre-faded look means these shoes are definitely going on our fashion wish-list.

If you want the full Aria look, the dress is from Free People. And really, all of their day dresses look right up Aria's ally, so you're sure to find the perfect one for you.

Source: ABC Family


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