Credit: YouTube Photo: Video: Lucy Hale on The OC In 2006

With the Season 2 winter premiere of Pretty Little Liars only four days away, we took a look back into the four girls’ pasts. To say that we found some interesting, funny, surprising, and adorable stuff would be an understatement.

Today, we’re presenting a classic clip of Lucy Hale (Aria) playing Hadley Hawthorne on The O.C. back in 2006. The best part of this clip (besides her amazing line, “Lacross-titutes, obvi”) is watching Lucy play someone so downright bitchy.

Of course, The O.C. was all about poor little Mischa Barton being a sweet but unstable rich girl surrounded by bitchy, uptight rich girls. But watching Lucy say to some girl, “Hey bitch,” is satisfying in itself.

How do you think Lucy looked then compared to now?

Source: YouTube

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Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch: Lucy Hale in The OC in 2006