Credit: Andrew Eccles/ ABC Family Channel © 2010 Disney ABC Television Group Photo: PLL Photoshoot: Gorgeous Little Liars

Prepare for many more moons of wondering about the identity of "A," Pretty Little Liars fans: The show has been officially picked up for a second season. We can't say we're surprised, as the show was quickly snapped up for an extended run last year, and the ratings have been, in a word, phenomenal.

In the press release posted earlier today, ABC Family president Michael Riley calls the show a "breakout sensation" and says that ABC Family's "partnership with Alloy Entertainment and Warner Horizon continues to deliver an engaging and heart-stopping show keeping Pretty Little Liars audiences on the edge of their seats." Well, duh.

We're curious to see how the show will continue to pan out  —whether the writers will resolve the mystery of the identity of "A," or how Ali died, in this first season, or whether they'll hold out until Season 2. Comment below and tell us: When will we find out the tawdry truth about the girls' secrets?

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