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Mona (Janel Parrish) was scary as "A" when we didn't know who she was, and she might be even scarier now that we know her identity — but not her goals. In Season 3, Episode 7: “Crazy” she seemed to help the Liars with her cryptic clues. But does that mean she's on their side now?

Janel chatted with Hollywood Crush at the Teen Choice Awards, and dished that not knowing Mona's motivations is her favorite part of playing her.

"She's been extremely unpredictable which makes it so much fun to play," Janel explained. "You don't know whose side she's on, if she's playing [the Liars] or if she really wants to help them, if she's really pulling the strings or if she's working for someone."

Check out the whole interview below.

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Credit: Hollywood Crush Photo: Janel Parrish on Mona's Motivations (VIDEO)

Source: Hollywood Crush

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