Credit: Photo courtesy of ABC Family Photo: Ezra Comforts Aria in Season 1, Episode 3, "To Kill a Mocking Girl"
Two’s company, but three’s a crowd on Pretty Little Liars. That’s right, we’re talking about love triangles. PLL is packed with scandal and each character has a more complex love life than the next. The suburban town might appear perfect, but Rosewood romances are about as messy as they come.
Aria, Ezra, and Noel:
It’s obvious Aria and Ezra want to be together, but their student-teacher dynamic complicates this. When Ezra backs away (or at least Aria thinks he does), she’s devastated. Enter Noel and Aria starts to fall for the guitar-toting hottie. Let’s not forget, she’s had a crush on him since middle school. But uh hello, back to Ezra. He gets insanely jealous and texts Aria to meet him. They have a rendezvous in his car and reconnect (read: make out). Meanwhile, Noel seems to be on to them. Looks like someone’s getting called to the principal’s office...
Credit: Photo © 2010 ABC Family Channel Photo: The Montgomerys Pose for a Family Picture
Byron, Ella, and Meredith:
This one is especially messy as it involves marriage, adultery, and a student-teacher relationship. Byron and Ella were happily married until Meredith, Byron’s student, comes along. He cheats on his wife with her and then moves off to Iceland with his family to escape the problem.  But when they return, his love triangle resumes. “A” spills the secret and Ella leaves Byron. (Keep up, people!) He’s confused, struggles to raise his kids and even has an awkward flirting incident with Ms. Marin. Yikes, Byron needs to figure things out, stat.
Credit: ABC Family Channel © 2010 Disney ABC Television Group Photo: Wren Decorates in Season 1, Episode 4,
Wren, Melissa, and Spencer...and Alex:
Spencer can’t help but fall for Melissa’s boyfriends. Either that, or they realize they like Spencer better after being with the uptight Melissa. We’d hate it if our kid sister started stealing guys from us, but you have to admit, Spencer and Wren make a much cuter couple than Melissa and Wren. Spence’s affair with the British hottie is dunzo for now and these days she’s canoodling with Alex Santiago. Why is Spencer is surrounded by so many hot guys? So not fair...
Credit: Photo courtesy of ABC Family Photo: Toby Stares Creepily at Emily in Season 1, Episode 4, "Can You Hear Me Now?"
Emily, Toby, and Maya:
Who doesn’t feel for Emily here? Poor Em is caught up in relationship drama and trying to figure her sexual identity. Maya and Emily definitely had feelings for each other, but Em wasn’t ready to tell her family and friends about it. She told Maya she needed space, but then the athlete suddenly starts hanging out with the mysterious Toby! We thought Toby and Emily were cute (who doesn’t love a good mixed CD?), but considering Toby’s been arrested for murder we think Maya and Emily have a future.
Alison, Ian, and Melissa…and Spencer:
Although not everyone knew it at the time, there was a major love triangle between Ian, Melissa and Alison. It’s a little confusing so try to keep up. Ian and Melissa were dating, but he and Ali were together on the side. Ali kept quiet about the mysterious older boy she was seeing, but everyone finds out about it after a video is leaked. Meanwhile, Spencer and Ian kissed in the driveway when he and Melissa were dating. Yikes, it doesn’t get worse than your sister and your sister’s best friend going after your guy.
Hanna, Lucas, and Sean:
Hanna has adored Sean since her chubby days in middle school and being with him is exactly what she wants. Or so she thinks. They’re the picture perfect couple -- homecoming queen and popular jock —  but they’ve definitely seen their fair share of dramz. Anyways, Hanna’s real connection is with Lucas the yearbook geek. He makes her laugh, even if it’s about Snowboarding Turkeys. Don’t deny it, H!