Pretty Little Liars is known for its drama, but that’s not the only thing we love about the show: We're always blown away by the music! If you love it as much as we do, check out the music from Season 3, Episode 22: "Will the Circle Be Unbroken?" below.
Artist: Morning Parade
Song: “Headlights”
Scene: Shana introduces Emily to Missy Franklin at The Brew.
Late like the evening sun,
I sink to the ground,
But I'll keep my promises,
I won't let you down,
'Cause like a rabbit in your headlights,
I am the beckon to your call,
And like the early morning headlines,
I am all too predictable
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Artist: Magic Wands
Song: “Black Magic”
Scene: Emily, Aria & Hanna are at the Brew; She tells them that Spencer is at Radley.
Give me the final piece
that holds the puzzles end
of all the billions of stars
that are the dreams of your friends
how could anybody feel the same
how could anybody feel the same
black magic
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Artist: Ada R. Habershon & Charles H. Gabriel
Song: “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?”
Scene: Ali, Spencer and Mona singing at church.
Will the circle be unbroken
By and by, Lord, by and by
There's a better home awaiting
In the sky, Lord, in the sky
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Artist: Barcelona
Song: “Slipping Away”
Scene: Hanna listens to music on her computer.
Lyrics: Hanna and Aria in Hanna’s bedroom.
You're taking what you came here for
So this is how I'm slipping away
Yea this is how you want me to play
You know I love it but it's stopping today
I'm slipping away
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