All of those dramatic Pretty Little Liars scenes with gut-wrenching breakups, mysterious murders, and mushy romance just wouldn't be the same without the perfect song choices. We’re always blown away by the music featured in the ABC Family series, and it looks like Ashley Benson (Hanna) is too! 

The PLL actress shared some of her favorite music from the show on her blog today (February 27), rounding up her personal picks for best songs from Season 1 to now. Her top track is "Secret," by The Pierces (aka the Pretty Little Liars theme song). Hey, now that Ashley is the new “shhh!” face of PLL (see the PLL Entertainment Weekly cover) we're not surprised her fave track is the show's signature song.

As for what else Ashley is listening to aside from PLL songs? The starlet shared her Euro Trip playlist during her Spring Breakers European press tour. Keep the jams coming, Ash!

What are some of your favorite PLL tunes? Sound off in the comments below.

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