Holly Marie Combs (Ella Montgomery) and Ian Harding (Ezra Fitz) play characters with a difficult relationship (at best) on Pretty Little Liars. However, in real life the castmates seem to get along just fine, though Holly does like to take joking jabs at Ian.

Recently, Holly tweeted this pic of Ian, saying, "Worlds Most Difficult CoStar #Whyme."

Looking at this pic, two things jump out at us. First, Ian look great. It's weird to see him in a casual (but nice) t-shirts and jeans instead of Ezra's signature sweater vests, but if this is Ezra's new look, we're sure we can adjust.

Second, it looks like he's in a coffee shop. Is this The Brew, Rosewood's new hang out that's coming to us in Season 3? It's possible, though we guess it could be a real coffee shop that the cast was at as well. Even actors need caffeine!

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Source: Twitter

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