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Some of you may have seen the kickass Pretty Little Liars Season 4 international trailer that’s making the rounds on the web. The 12-second trailer shows a peek at what we could expect from the upcoming season. Unfortunately, the trailer is fan-made and doesn’t reveal any actual footage from Season 4, However, it does offer a creative glimpse at what the aftermath of the Red Coat Reveal and Wilden’s trunk may yield. We recommend checking it out for fun,

The "promo" starts with an EKG flatlining. Then we see the Season 3 closing shot of someone pulling what we can assume is Ali’s hand from the ground with “Ali’s” voice saying, “We’re sisters.” The trailer seems to be implying that the twin theory is true (though the writers have hinted it might not be on the actual show).

Next comes the shot of the Liars and Mona opening Wilden’s trunk and being horrified by whatever they find in there. “Spencer’s” broken voice says, “It’s happening again.” The next shots show a car squealing to a stop in what could be an allusion to Wilden’s car. We’re still not sure how his police vehicle makes it from the Marin front yard to the church. Though, given that it survived a prolonged stay at the bottom of the lake, it’s possible the car has superpowers.

The other notable sequence in the trailer is a fight/stand-off between Red Coat Ali and a Spencer-like figure. Apparently, the trailer borrows shots from My Super Psycho Sweet 16, but we could see something like this fight actually taking place. Spencer has some serious rage built up from last season, and we know that she will resort to physical violence when pushed to the edge (just ask Mona). Will Season 4 see a continuation of unhinged Spencer? We'd love it if this trailer were on the money about that!

Though this ridiculously well-made fan trailer may not give us an actual glimpse at Season 4, it still whets our appetite for what we’re hoping will be another awesome season.

Did you think this trailer was real? Do you think the creator has correctly predicted upcoming twists and turns? Let us know in the comments below!

Credit: YouTube Photo: Pretty Little Liars Season 4 Fan-Made Trailer (VIDEO)

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