Even though there was so much going on in the Pretty Little Liars Season 3 Halloween special (Season 3, Episode 13: “This Is a Dark Ride”), music played an important part of the story. After all, Adam Lambert was the surprise musical guest at the Rosewood ghost train party!

Here’s a roundup of all the pretty little songs that played in the scary episode.

Artist: Adam Lambert
Song: “Trespassing”
Scene: Adam’s first party song
Well, I was walkin' for some time
When I came across this sign
Sayin' “Who are you and where are you from?
We don’t like when visitors come."

Artist: Adam Lambert
Song: “Cuckoo”
Scene: Adam’s second party song
Feels like I’m having a meltdown
It feels like I’m losing control
They tell me I’m a danger to myself
Now the crazy train is ready to roll, Oh!

Artist: Roeland Ruijsch
Song: “Beautifull Bizar”
Scene: Adam talks to Aria on the train.

Artist: Mikky Ekko
Song: “Who Are You, Really?”
Scene: The Liars arrive separately to the party and meet up on the train for photos.
So you're feeling tied up to a sense of control
And make decisions that you think are your own
You are a stranger here, why have you come?
Why have you come, lift me higher, let me look at the sun

Artist: Schmidt
Song: “Remote Control”
Scene: The Liars talk in the train car.
So I make you feel reckless
Like you’re off control
You're gonna lose your inhibitions
You’re gonna sell your soul
Don't be shy, come on, take a risk
Come and sit with me
Oh, I must insist

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