You guys, we give up. The Pretty Little Liars writers have said so many things about Toby's (Keegan Allen) potential motivations and whether or not his relationship with Spencer (Troian Bellisario) can survive that we have no idea what to expect in the Season 3 winter season.

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The writers have hinted that Toby's motivations for being on the "A" team are complicated, and he's probably not just infiltrating the "A" team to learn their secrets. And yet. The writers keep hinting that there's hope for Spoby.

Most recently, a fan asked PLL writer Joseph Dougherty, "What happened to 'True love conquering all' with Spoby??"

Joseph replied, "The concept is still valid."

Huh. Does this mean true love will help Spoby overcome the seemingly insurmountable obstacles between them? Or is it a hint that perhaps Spencer has a different true love in her future? For the Spoby shippers: Does this kind of tweet give you hope, or do you feel like you're being strung along?

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