Perhaps Byron Montgomery (Chad Lowe) isn’t the only sketchy parent on Pretty Little Liars
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In a recent interview with, Nia Peeples (Pam Fields) talked about being on the show and the possibility that there’s more to Mama Fields than meets the eye (aka she’s more than just a gorgeous woman who won’t age).

I could be ‘A’ --- that's all I can say. (Laughs) I'm not allowed to say very much. But Pam has her evil side. She could be ‘A,’” Nia said.

Our question is this: If Pam has an “evil side,” are we talking about a good mother with a mean streak, or could Emily’s (Shay Mitchell) mom, on a scale of one to Alison (Sasha Pieterse), be Alison’s level of evil and manipulative?

Would you be surprised if Pam were a member of the “A” team? What about Emily’s dad? Could Em’s parents be super attractive and super evil at the same time?

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