Ezria shippers: It's time to double check your DVR, because we're pretty sure you're going to want to rewatch tonight's episode of Pretty Little Liars (Season 2, Episode 24: “If These Dolls Could Talk”) about fifty times.

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We've known for a while that the last two episode of Season 2 are going to be very Ezria friendly. Yesterday Marlene King confirmed once again that tonight's episode will be great for the shippers, tweeting, "Ezria fans please watch the episode tomorrow. It's one you have been waiting for."

This matches up very nicely with this Marlene tweet from back in January: “Ezria: there are two moments that everyone is waiting for. The first moment happens in a bed. #224.” 

A moment shippers have been waiting for that happens in bed sounds most obviously like the couple might finally, definitively have sex, though there are certainly other options (*cough* a proposal *cough*).

Tune in tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family to find out what happens.

Source: Twitter

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